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Art Stamp Pages for Sale

Four Centuries of American Art, postage stamp sheet
Four Centuries of American Art Click for Sample Art Page of Niagara

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The Fog Warning, by Winslow Homer

Art Stamp Pages available for purchase

For more than a century, United States stamps have featured numerous wonderful works of art. In 1998 the U.S. Postal Service created a sheet of 20 different stamps bringing together “Four Centuries of American Art.”

Stamp News Publishing has created a full-color set of 21 pages on sturdy 8.5" x 11" card stock. The cover page to the set features a reproduction of the full sheet of 20 stamps, and each stamp is given its own page, with a full color reproduction of the original masterpiece, biographical information about the artist and a full size color illustration and space where the stamp can be mounted.

The pages are available separately or with the stamps. To order your Four Centuries of American Art Stamp pages click here for the Order Form [PDF Formant].

Listed below are the names of the paintings and artists as seen on this Four Centuries of American Art sheet.


Scott Number, Painting, Author (from left to right on stamp sheet):

3236a, "Portrait of Richard Mather," by John Foster. 
3236b, "Mrs. Elizabeth Freake and Baby Mary," by The Freake Limner.
3236c, "Girl in Red Dress with Cat and Dog" by Ammi Phillips.
3236d, "Rubens Peale with a Geranium," by Rembrandt Peale.
3236e, "Long-billed Curlew , Num enius Longrostris, "by John James Audubon.
3236f, "Boatmen on the Missouri," by George Caleb Bingham.
3236g, "Kindred Spirits," by Asher B. Durand.
3236h, "The Westwood Children," by Joshua Johnson.
3236i, "Music and Literature," by William Harnett.
3236j, "The Fog Warning," by Winslow Homer.
3236k, "The White Cloud, Head Chief of the lowas," by George Catlin.
3232I, "Cliffs of Green River," by Thomas Moran.
3236m, "The Last of the Buffalo," by Alfred Bierstadt.
3236n, "Niagara," by Frederic Edwin Church.
3236o, "Breakfast in Bed," by Mary Cassatt.
3236p, "Nighthawks," by Edward Hopper.
3236q, "American Gothic," by Grant Wood.
3236r, "Two Against the White," by Charles Sheeler.
3236s, "Mahoning," by Franz Kline.
3236t, "No. 12," by Mark Rothko.