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Circus Stamps of the World — Article Archive

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USPS Vintage Circus Poster Stamps 2014

Circus Stamps of the World

by John F. Dunn

The 2014 United States Vintage Circus Posters sheet and the Vintage Circus Souvenir Sheet, both pictured here, have attracted renewed interest to stamp collecting in general and the Circus on Stamps theme in particular.

It should come as no surprise that a theme as popular as the circus should be featured on many stamps, and in this review we will present a sampling of the stamps, covers, and other related collectibles that can be part of a Circus on Stamps collection.

To find more than enough examples for this assemblage all I had to do was run an internet search for Circus Stamps. With that I was presented with hundreds, if not more than a thousand, choices. As a result, and because I wanted to attract new collectors using the Circus theme, this article will be in two parts.

What you will see here is…

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