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Beatles, section of First Day Cover
Beatles (Section of First Day Cover)

A Blast From the Past

by David Weststrate

Philately is the collection and study of postage stamps; one who does this act is known as a philatelist. OK I’ll admit it I’ve been one of these people for my entire adult life. Yes some tend to be stuffy, boring, and several other terms that might apply; thus it is my wish to show the hobby and myself in a whole new light, even if I might need to exaggerate and tell a story. I hope you will enjoy reading my tale of intrigue and high adventure in the world of brightly colored little pieces of paper.

I’m sorry to state that my memory has now become quite clouded, but I will attempt to write of the events to the best of my recollection, or at least as well as possible for someone who
collected stamps during the age of …

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Greek Stamp Scott 124
Greece, Scott 124

The Olympic Games Issues of Greece

by C. A. Howes (From Mekeel’s Weekly, January 29, 1910 with images & Scott #s added)

To vary an old saying—“Of the making of commemorative issues there is no end”; but there is a great difference in the general interest they evoke. Some are cheap, unattractive, poorly executed and of obscure connections; others are handsome, beautifully produced and celebrate events of worldwide fame. To the latter class belong our own Columbian issue, the precursor of the deluge, whose exquisite…

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'Styling' the Royal Mail Way

'Styling' the Royal Mail Way

On May 15, declaring “Fashionistas get ready,” British Royal Mail honored ten of Britain's world famous fashion designers by showcasing their iconic designs on ten new stamps. The “Great British Fashion” issue brings together some of the very best of post-war British fashion.

The idea for the issue came from this 2009 British Design Classics stamp, which featured Mary Quant's daring mini skirt. This proved to be one of the most popular of the ten stamps featured in the issue, prompting the decision to dedicate an entire issue to Britain's world-class designers.

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Latvia Stamps

Money Stamps of Latvia

by Mannel Hahn

Many collectors are aware of the "Map Stamps" of Latvia, printed in 1918 on the back of military stamps during the paper shortage. Less well known are the "Money Stamps" of Latvia, printed on the back of half finished Russian banknotes. This article explores those "Map" and "Money" stamps, with full color illustrations.

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RMS Titanic
RMS Titanic

Philately and the Titanic, Then and Now

by John F. Dunn

It should come as no surprise that the postal administrations of the world chose to recognize the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic. If anything, the surprise comes in the
form of how few nations participated. Further, there was almost no philatelic coverage when the tragedy occurred in 1912.

This Stamp News Now article is a combination of the Mekeel’s Weekly coverage given the sinking in 1912 and now. …

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Sumerian Clay Tablet
Sumerian clay tablet, circa 2032 B.C. with cuneiform text.

The “Journey of Ingenuity” Collection

by John F. Dunn
(From Mekeel’s & Stamps, January-March 2009)

On November 11, 2008, Harmers of London conducted a public auction of the fascinating “Journey of Ingenuity Collection.” Assembled by Paul M. Zatulove, it presented postal history in the form of 4,000 years of written communication and mail delivery. Although the auction consisted of only 122 lots, I selected 40 as meriting viewing, including 12 of the first 13 lots.

All prices quoted here are converted from Euros to Dollars as of the November 11, 2008, sale date and do not include the VAT that was added on to each lot. Regarding the prices realized, I can only think that the Journey of Ingenuity sale was affected by the fact that it was held during the depths of the 2008 worldwide credit crunch and resultant economic crash; thus the lots that did not sell and those that …

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Post Office in Poland

Poland’s Postal Service in Danzig

by Edward Nowak, Sr.
(From Mekeel's & Stamps Magazine, June 26, 2009 - original article from Stamps Magazine, Feb. 21, 1959)

According to registered philatelic facts, the Polish postal service at Gdansk (Danzig) was inaugurated in 1654 by John Casimir, King of Poland. The mail service, from its inception, waged constant battle with postal services of Prussia, due to the insistence of that country on maintaining service through Poland, especially between the two Prussias.

The second partition of Poland in 1793, and the resultant Prussian absorption of Gdansk, was the cause of liquidation of Poland’s postal service in that region of Europe. The last Polish postmaster to serve was A. Stanislawski.

On the strength of the Versailles Treaty (January 10, 1920) Poland again began to organize its own postal department in the newly created "Free City of Danzig" and the Polish corridor …

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