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Ireland and St. Patrick's Day — Article Archive

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Irish Stamps, St. Patrick Stamps, Stamps of Ireland Irish/St. Patrick's Day Stamps: stamp honoring St. Patrick 1937 (top left), stamp with St. Patrick's Day revellers 2013 (top right), stamp honoring St. Patrick 2003 (bottom left), Sinn Fein label, design later used for first definitive series of Eire (bottom right).

Island Communities: Ireland

by Geir Sør-Reime
(From Mekeel’s & Stamps, November 26, 2010)

The island of Ireland is currently divided between the Republic of Ireland (described in this “Islands” series under E, Eire) and Northern Ireland, a country within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Except for pretender issues of Irish republicans, no stamps have ever been issued for the whole of the island, but British stamps were used throughout Ireland from 1840 until 1922, and in Northern Ireland, British stamps are still in use…

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day
by John F. Dunn

It is hard to discuss Ireland for long without also including St. Patrick—and St. Patrick’s Day—in the discussion. And so, as a supplement to the historical focus of the World of Stamps article by Geir Sør-Reime, we add here a selection of St. Patricks stamps—the Saint himself as well as the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day and…

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