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Valentine Stamps

Valentine Stamps: French Valentine stamps 2011 (top left and bottom right), USA Cherub stamp 1995 (bottom left), USA Romeo and Juliet Valentine cover (top right)

Building A Valentine’s Day Stamp Collection, Early Valentine Covers

Love, Friendship and Beyond
February 18, 2011

There was a time, not that long ago, when the heart-shaped Love stamp represented the latest in philatelic artistic design. Now it seems humdrum, almost boring.

Over in Paris, at La Poste headquarters, they seem to have run out of French haute couture fashion designers and have called on Italian artist Maurizio Galante to create this year's (2011) Love stamps. Galante, however, apparently believes in the doit-yourself movement and has prepared a design that you can color any way you want (the pen down in the corner encourages you to do so). The heart-shaped stamp is sold in a miniature sheet of five stamps and seven “suggestions” on how you may wish to color your own stamps. La Poste does not comment on…

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