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2015 Australia Post New Issues Calendar

From the first 'Roos' Kangaroo issues of 1913, Australia has been one of the most popular of all stamp issuing nations. The Australia Post site offers collectors a wealth of information, including recent issues broken down by topics such as Heritage, Military, Sports and Nature; Gifts and Collections; and Coins and Metallics. A separate Stamp & Coin Collectable's section includes the latest editions of Australia's Stamp Bulletin, the free Stamp Explorer e-newsletter, a record of past, current and upcoming stamp issues, Stamp Poll information, answers to stamp related questions, and studies going as far back as the 1882 Queensland Chalon Head.

New Stamp issues from previous year: 2014 Australia Post New Issues.

Visiting Birds on New Cocos (Keeling) Stamps
(Click to see 4 Visting Bird Stamps and Visiting Birds FDC)
— March 24, 2015 

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands comprise a group of 27 islands in two atolls. North Keeling Island is a single-island atoll, 24 kilometres north of the main atoll. Declared the Pulu Keeling National Park in 1995, its remoteness makes it a safe environment for many resident-breeding, migratory and vagrant birds—infrequent, perhaps accidental, visitors.

North Keeling is one of the few pristine islands in the vast Indian Ocean, and its wetland is an important habitat. Of the approximately 60 bird species observed at Cocos (Keeling) Islands, …

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Australia Post 2015, Queensland Bottle Tree

Australia Tree Issue Includes Sheetlet on Wood
(Click to see all 4 Tree designs, and wood stamp sheetlet (right) and the normal paper sheetlet (left).)
— March 17, 2015 

A March 17 new issue from Australia Post features ancient and distinctive native Australian trees. The stamp designs use striking photography to showcase the Lemon-scented Gum (Corymbia citriodora), Queensland Bottle Tree (Brachychiton rupestris), Moonah (Melaleuca lanceolata) and Green Fig (Ficus virens).

Australia Post Philatelic Manager, Michael Zsolt said many Australians have a love of the natural world and understand the important role trees play in Australia’s biodiversity, sometimes living to a great age: "Australian native flora continues to be a popular theme, especially …

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Australia Seaplane, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland Tourist Transport Stamp Issue 2015

Australia Displays Tourist Sites, Transports
(Click to see all 4 designs)
— March 3, 2015 

Some of Australia’s favorite tourist experiences are being celebrated by Australia Post through a new stamp issue featuring a range of transport vehicles for sightseeing tours.

Australia Post Philatelic Manager, Michael Zsolt said Australians have a love for travel and sometimes it’s the journey that counts more than the destination. "We trust Australians who have experienced the 'travel bug' will appreciate these wonderful modes of transport to some of Australia’s spectacular and popular tourist destinations," Mr.Zsolt said.

The tourist transport vehicles in this new stamp issue are: • Victor Harbor horse-drawn tram, South Australia – The lovely coastal city of Victor Harbor on the…

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Australia Clipper Ship Monkchester Stamp 2015

Australia Launches Clipper Ships Stamps
(Click to see all 4 designs)
— February 17, 2015 

On February 17 Australia Post set sail with the release of a new
stamp issue depicting four 19th century clipper ships that sailed in Australian waters.

Australia Post Philatelic Manager, Michael Zsolt said both stamp collectors and maritime enthusiasts alike have a fascination with clipper ships and this evocative period of maritime history. “The sailing ships featured in this issue have played a role in Australia’s maritime history. We trust everyone, especially maritime history enthusiasts, will ‘hoist their sails and set sail’ to collect these beautiful clipper ship stamps, From the earliest days of…

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Australia Love Balloon Stamp 2015

Love is in Australia’s Air (Click to see all 4 designs)
— February 3, 2015 

With a February 3 issue date, Australia Post brings us a new set of “Love is in the Air” stamps. Shown above is the part of the creative official announcement for the issue, surrounded by enlargements of the four stamps that make up this issue.

Explaining the designs, Australia Post tells us, “The heart is quite simply the most iconic love symbol of all. The exchange of heart-shaped Valentines is believed to have gained popularity in Victorian England. This latest issue of stamps, for special occasions and…

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Cameron Baird VC MG Australia Hero

Australia Honors Its Heroes (Click to see Heroes, and First Victoria Cross)
— January 22, 2015 

"Special" is a word that is too frequently applied, but on January 22, Australia Post issued a truly special stamp issue, in the form of two-stamp Victoria Cross mini-sheet and five stamps to honor recipients who earned Australia Post’s Legends Award.

The mini-sheet commemorates the first Victoria Cross awarded to an Australian. The Victoria Cross was instituted by Queen Victoria in 1856 to honor conspicuous bravery during the Crimean War, but was not awarded to an Australian until the…

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Australia Kangaroo Stamp 2015, Australia Post

Australia Features Six Native Animals (Click to see all six animals)
— January 13, 2015 

On January 13 Australia Post issued a set of Native Animals stamps that feature five Australian marsupials and one monotreme that are popular with locals and tourists. Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young.

The monotreme featured in this issue—the Shortbeaked Echidna—feeds largely on ants and termites and is found throughout Australia. The only other monotreme is the Platypus. The stocky Common Wombat is found in the…

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Christmas Island Year of the Goat Stamps 2015 - Australia

Australia Celebrates Year of the Goat
— January 8, 2015 

To celebrate the Year of the Goat, Australia Post is releasing a Christmas Island Lunar New Year stamp issue featuring the Chinese character for the goat, shown in the $2.10 stamp, and its pictorial representation, shown in the 70¢ stamp.

The Goat (or Sheep) is the eighth sign in the Chinese Zodiac and symbolizes independence. The Year of the Goat begins on February 19, 2015.

Australia Post Philatelic Manager, Michael Zsolt said, “This year’s Lunar New Year stamp products have been designed in keeping with Chinese…

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