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1850 Sydney View One Penny Carmine Stamp

"It's Just Common Courtesy"

Most of us stamp collectors started out at a very young age, saving everything off the mail and stored them in an old shoe box or cigar boxes. We saved our allowances and purchased packets from the local five and dimes or maybe we sent away for exotic stamps of the world from companies like Garcelon Stamp Co., Littleton Stamp Co. or H.E. Harris. They were happy to have our business.

As we got a little older we were able to get on the bus and travel downtown to visit the stamp shops that dotted the city back then. Time went on and our collections went dormant for a period of experiences, self seeking and exploration. Sooner or later we all came back to that almost addictive obsession and resumed in filling those forever agonizing holes in our albums.

But, alas, our stamp dealer friends downtown were all gone and our childhood sources no longer were able to fulfill our needs. Occasional stamp shows sufficed for a once in a while "fix" but not enough to quench that thirst for completeness. Cautiously we turned to the internet where, instantly, we were able to communicate with dealers, auction houses, collectors and experts from around the globe. eBay became a prime method of acquisition. Most sellers were gracious and thankful for your money spent. They mostly were happy to take the time to answer any question or to offer to find the treasure you were searching high and low for. Every now and then I read that many present day dealers do not respond to collector inquiries either by "snail mail" or email. Letters may be lost and emails may not be read but the ones that are properly delivered should be replied to and in a reasonably timely fashion. It’s just common courtesy.

I, personally, have experienced non replies to regular or email requests from time to time but lately I have encountered something new - The non reply to an eBay "Question for the seller" or a "make offer" option. These are services offered to potential buyers to inquire about a specific lot or to make a legitimate offer on an item placed on sale.

I suggest that if no response is afforded your request, then no purchase can be afforded the offending seller. Advice to buyers and sellers alike: be sincere in your inquiries or requests and reply to all of those received - It’s just common courtesy.

Dennis M. Eleen

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