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Stamp Sales

We believe in full disclosure and value-based pricing. 
Condition on all stamps is sound with no faults, unless described, is priced based on condition—and your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. 
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To place an order, click the appropriate link below for that price list. You can print out the price list, circle what you want, calculate the total and send payment with your order by mail. Or, if you prefer, you can click here for our Stamp Sales Order Form [PDF Format]. If you have any questions contact us at jd@stampnewsnow.com or call us toll free on our business cell phone number at (603) 424-7556. Thank you.

Just click and browse below for the many stamps available to you from Stamp News Sales—all at prices that will please you!

U.S. Stamp Sale Lists - US Used Stamps, Mint Stamps, Airs, Special Deliveries, Farleys, Washington-Francklin Heads, Plate Blocks - Strips, Sheets

Collect The Farleys!

We have updated our Farley inventory and
bring you some of the finest Farley stamps
available. See the column to your right for
this unique opportunity to collect these
historic stamps.

Two samples of Farley stamps.


Better Used U.S., Many One-of-a-Kind

Click for: Used U. S. Singles Sale! - updated November 2019

This area has staged a comeback in the past decade by collectors who are operating on a budget, and increasingly as a growing respect for stamps that actually served the purpose for which they were issued. This also is a growth area for us and we are adding to our offerings as we acquire new material or work through stock accumulated over more than 50 years. We offer here mostly moderately priced stamps, from Classics and Bank Notes right on up to recent issues. This includes nice appearing stamps with faults, as described and priced to move.

Common Used U.S. Sale, Most 10¢ each

Click for: Common Used U.S. Sale! - updated November 2019

Low Cost United States Used Starter List. Below Market Prices! Compare & Save!

Mint U.S. Sale, Many One-of-a-Kind

Click for: Mint U. S. Singles Sale! - updated November 2019

As we continue to process an accumulation of mint U.S., this list consolidates—at reduced prices—our current holdings of mint singles, souvenir sheets and mint sheets. And, as always, we also welcome your want lists!

Mint U. S. Plate Blocks Sale

Click for: Plate Block Specials! - updated November 2019

We maintain an extensive stock of 1930s and later Plate Blocks. We also offer better earlier plate blocks as they come our way--and can work against want lists for what you do not find on these lists. If we don't have it, we most likely can get it. Send us your want list, including condition requirements.

Collect The Farleys!

Click for: Collect The Farleys, Price List - updated July 2022

The Farleys are a popular collecting specialty, combining variety, lasting value and an affordable specialty. You can collect line or gutter pairs—vertical and horizontal—and cross gutter or center line blocks. There also are arrow blocks and plate blocks. And as sets and pieces can be added one issue or format at a time, this "neat collectibility" factor makes it exceptionally easy to build a complete collection. Add in the appeal of the designs and the subjects, and you can appreciate why The Farleys have become so popular with intermediate and advanced collectors. Perhaps most important, another inherent value in building a Farleys Collection is that despite their scarcity, all of the varieties are still within the budget of most collectors—as you will see in our Collect The Farleys Price List.

The House That Washington-Franklins Built!

Click for: Washington-Franklin Heads

From the House that the Washington-Franklins built!  We've been studying and reporting on them in our U.S. Reference Manual*—and now we are buying & selling these challenging issues. Keep in mind that we are still adding to our inventory, so if you don't see what you need here, send us your want list.
*You may also want to click here to find out more about all of our U.S. Reference Manual pages.

U. S. Airs Sale

Click for: Airmails - U. S. Airs Sale

Beyond the classic look of the early airmails, this wonderful area continues to offer new and different issues. Reflecting the glamour of the early flights, airmail stamps traditionally were given special attention by the United States Post Office designers and the Bureau of Engraving & Printing. Here we offer those older stamps from our stock—now more than 100 years old—as well as most of the issues from the past 75 years.

Special Deliveries Stamp Sale

Click for: Special Deliveries Sale

This collecting area has an avid following. Consisting of just 23 different Scott-listed stamps (Sc. E1-E23), the Special Deliveries reflect an era when the movement of the mail was still evolving. We offer here singles (mint or used) as well as plate blocks from our current stock. In addition, we have prepared a set of pages that provide background information, an identification guide and spaces for all 23 singles. Click here for information.

Classic Canada

Click for: The Beautiful "Bluenose" and other Early Canda Issues - New Offer as of November 2019

We present here some recent acquisitions, all priced to move, all sound, no faults unless otherwise described.

Scarce Taiwan Specimens Lot

Click for: Taiwan Specimens Postage Stamps Lot

This is a one-of-a-kind lot of Official Specimen stamps from Taiwan. Reduced to sell!

U.S. Sampler Sale!

Recent acquisitions—Mint and Used Singles, Mint Plate Blocks, the Unusual and Affordable, and just plain Fun.

Click for The U.S. Sampler Sale!