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2014 Canada Post New Issues Calendar

These are the 2014 new issues as announced thus far by Canada Post. To preorder stamps before the issue date or to purchase them on or after the issue date, click here for the Canada Post website.

New Stamp Issues from previous year: 2013 Canada Post New Issues.

Year of the Horse, Canada 2014

Year of the Horse [Click to see: Year of the Horse Corner Block, Year of the Snake to Year of the Horse , Year of the Horse Official First Day Cover]
— January 13, 2014

As has become customary, the first commemorative set of the year from Canada is the annual Lunar New Year set. The set was issued on January 13, in anticipation of the Year of the Horse that began on January 31, 2014 and will run until February 18, 2015.

According to the Canada Post news release, “Those born under the sign have more than their fair share of ingenuity, a gift for communication and a taste for the spotlight—traits that also set the benchmark for this year’s stamp design. Throughout the design process, Paprika’s Louis Gagnon and Daniel Robitaille were keenly aware of the need to balance innovation and tradition. They focused on attributes that would not only result in . . .

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Black History Month [Click to see: Hogan's Alley, Africville, Africville OFDC, Hogan's Alley OFDC]
— January 30, 2014 | Hogan's Alley

In one of the more unusual Black History Month issues from the U.S. or Canada, on January 30 Canada Post released its annual Black History set—but this year instead of selecting individuals, the stamps honor African-Canadian communities.

Halifax’s Africville is one of the two African-Canadian communities featured as part of Canada Post’s celebration of Black History Month in 2014. Tragically, this historic community . . .

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Pioneers of Winter Sports [Click to see 3 designs]
— February 3, 2014 | Sandra Schmirler | Barbara Ann Scott | Sarah Burke

On February 3rd, Canada Post issued a set of stamps with a Winter Sports theme. Although the February 3 issue date is just a few days before the opening of the February 7 Sochi, Russia, Winter Olympics, there is no reference to the Olympics in the stamps or in the news releases.

This is most likely because a satisfactory financial arrangement could not be made with the International Olympic Committee, whose demands have been known to be excessive and have caused other nations in the past—including the U.S.—to issue generic sports during Olympic years.

The announcement for this issue stated, “In a year when Canadians will be focused on winter sports excellence, Canada Post is . . .

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UNESCO World Heritage Site, Miguasha National Park

UNESCO World Heritage Sites [Click to see 5 designs, postcard]
— March 31, 2014 | Miguasha National Park

On March 31 Canada Post launched a Unesco World Heritage Sites in Canada series. Canada has 17 UNESCO World Heritage, five of which are included in this first set, all in “Permanent” domestic rate (85¢) format. Left to right in the souvenir sheet, they are:

The pristine ridges and cliffs, bogs and tundra, ocean inlets and lakes of Gros Morne National Park (Newfoundland and Labrador) might be stunning, but this site’s World Heritage status was granted due to what is hidden underground, a perfect example of . . .

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Canada - Royal Ontario Museum Stamp, 2014

Royal Ontario Museum [Click to see 2 designs, First Day Cover]
— April 14, 2014 | Royal Ontario Museum

On April 14, Canada celebrated the Centennial of the Royal Ontario Museum. Situated in Toronto, the Museum focuses on world culture as well natural history. It is one of the largest museums in North America, attracting over one million visitors a year.

Established on April 16, 1912 and opened on March 19, 1914, the museum was under the direct control and management of the nearby University of Toronto until 1968. Now independent, today it is Canada’s largest field-research institution.

From Wikipedia we learn that the museum contains more than six million items in forty galleries. It posesses notable collections of . . .

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Canada - Rose Stamp 2014

Roses [Click to see Sheet, First Day Cover, Booklet]
— April 23, 2014 | Roses

On April 23 Canada Post added to its popular Flowers series with two Permanent stamps that picture the red hybrid tea rose, “Konrad Henkel” and a white “Maid of Honor” hybrid tea rose. The latest in Canada’s continuing flowers series, the stamps were released in booklets of ten (five of each) and a souvenir sheet with one of each stamp.

The “Konrad Henkel” rose, left, is a hybrid rose that was registered in 1983. Grown on shrubs, it has a medium red color, is very fragrant and blooms in the late spring and early summer.

The “Maid of Honor” hybrid tea rose is a . . .

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Canada - Komagata Maru Stamp 2014

Komagata Maru [Click for Sheet, FDC - Ship, FDC - Passenger Photo,
Framed Print

— May 1, 2014 | Komagata Maru

On May 1 Canada Post releaseda single $2.50 international rate stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tragic journey of the Komagata Maru. Described as “a pivotal moment in British Columbia and Canada’s history,” the Japanese steamship arrived in Vancouver on May 23, 1914 with 376 passengers—all British subjects, mostly Sikhs from Punjab, India. Due to regulations intended to stem the flow of immigrants from Asia, including a “continuous journey” clause and the requirement that immigrants have $200 in cash, almost all of the passengers were denied entrance. The passengers were kept on board the ship for 60 days before the ship was . . .

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Haunted Canada Ghost Bride Stamp 2014

Haunted Canada [Click to see 5 design, Haunted Train Postcard]
— June 13, 2014 | Haunted Canada

This June, on Friday the 13th, Canada Post issued five stamps that are intended to get the hairs raising on the back of your neck. The collection is the first in a multi-year series telling some of our country’s most inexplicable and popular ghostly tales.

In every region across Canada, there are reports of apparitions, eerie sounds, phantom lights and spirits trapped between this world and the next. The five stamps feature the Maritimes’ Northumberland Strait; Quebec’s Count Frontenac; Ontario’s Fort George; the St. Louis Ghost Train in Saskatchewan; and Alberta’s Ghost Bride.

“This collection of five Haunted Canada stamps brings ghost stories well-known in specific regions to a broader Canadian audience,” said Jim Phillips, Director of Stamp Services. “It is the first in a . . .

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Canada RedBlacks Stamps 2014

Canada Post Honors RedBlacks Football Team [Click to see 2 designs]
— June 19, 2014 | Canada RedBlacks

On June 19, with less than a month until the new Canadian Football League season, Canada Post issued two commemorative stamps for the much-anticipated return of Ottawa to the CFL. The stamps add to the CFL commemorative issues initiated in 2012.

Canadian-born quarterback and legendary Ottawa Rough Rider Russ Jackson is featured on one stamp against the background of Ottawa’s new stadium. Jackson spent his entire 12-year professional football career with the former Ottawa team, the Rough Riders, and quarterbacked them to three Grey Cup victories—the CFL’s championship game. The second stamp features the REDBLACKS logo—a saw bladenotched “R” in front of a circular saw that represents Ottawa’s early lumber heritage.

“With over 100 years of history, the CFL has a . . .

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Canada Photography Series 2014 La ville de Quebec

Canada Post Continues Photography Series
[Click to see 7 designs: Chinese Man, TV, Grocery, Sitting Bull & Buffalo Bill, Convent, Quebec, Railcuts]

— July 7, 2014 | Photography Series

On July 7 Canada Post issued seven more stamps in a Canadian Photography series that began in 2013.

Over the course of five years a total of 35 stamps will be issued. To narrow
down the field from the many possible candidates, a panel of archivists and museum curators with historical and technical knowledge of photography in Canada chose 35 photographers they deemed prominent in the history of Canadian photography, and then suggested one representative photograph from each artist.

The 2014 edition of the series includes domestic rate stamps featuring . . .

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Canada Post - Shania Twain Stamp 2014

Canada Post Honors Its Country Artists
[Click to see Shania Twain Official First Day Cover]
— July 31, 2014 | Shania Twain (shown)

On July 31 Canada Post recognized the nation’s contribution to the evolution of country music with a series of five new stamps featuring some of the country’s most renowned artists:

Tommy Hunter: For generations of Canadians, Hunter was like an old friend, singing to them for 27 years on the longest-running network country music television show in the world. “Canada’s Country Gentleman,” he was a major force in raising the profile and popularity of Canadian country music.

k.d. lang: In a career that has spanned nearly 30 years, with over a dozen albums and millions of records sold worldwide, k.d. lang has won both. . .

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Canada Post 2014 - Museum Human Rights Stamp

Museum for Human Rights on New Canada Stamp
— August 20, 2014 | Canadian Museum for Human Rights Stamp
[Click to see larger image, and Booklet of 10 Domestic Stamps]

On August 20 Canada Post celebrated the opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a single stamp, issued in a booklet of ten stamps. The Museum is the first national museum to be built in Canada since 1967 and the first ever to be located outside of the capital region.

The mandate of the Museum—the only museum in the world solely devoted to human rights awareness and education—is . . .

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