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2015 - 2014 Isle of Man New Issues Calendar

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. The international award-winning stamp issues of the Isle of Man post office are an excellent way to discover what makes the Island so special.

Isle of Man Celebrates Cunard Anniversary
Click to see special Cunard 175th Anniversary Cover.
—May 25, 2015 |  Isle of Man

On May 25 the Isle of Man Post Office celebrated the 175th Anniversary of the Cunard shipping Line’s first transatlantic service with a set of special edition collectibles.In addition to being available on the Isle of Man website, they were also sold at the Liverpool Council’s pop up shops, located along the Liverpool Waterfront during Cunard’s 175th Anniversary (May 24-26) and the 2015 International Mersey River Festival (June 5-7).

There are three covers, two of which feature artist Robert Lloyd’s homecoming of the three Cunard Queens lined up together on the River Mersey in front of Liverpool’s world-famous . . .

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Isle of Man - Millennium Tapestry Stamps 2015

1000 Years, 78 Designs, Summed Up on 10 Stamps
— April 10, 2015 |  Isle of Man

On April 10 the Isle of Man Post Office issued a set of ten stamps reproducing panels from the Millennium Tapestry. The Tapestry consists of 78 embroidered squares that were created by embroiderers in the Isle of Man during the spring of 1977 to April 1979. The project was widely publicized, and anyone who was skilled with a needle could apply for cloth and design.

Financed through the Millennium committee of Tynwald, the Isle of Man legislature, the tapestry uses a basic design laid out along the lines of a traditional American patchwork, where many needle workers contribute to one piece of work. The tapestry marks. . . .

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Isle of Man Marks Two Historic Events of 1840
— February 17, 2015 |  Isle of Man

On February 17 the Isle of Man Post Office celebrated the 175th anniversary of the Penny Black as well as the birth of Edward Stanley Gibbons.

Postage rates on the Isle of Man and the rest of the British Isles had risen to a very high level by 1830 and as a result a campaign to reform these was led by Roland Hill with the main aim of lowering the rate to one penny per half ounce. This and a method to signify if a letter had been prepaid was developed by William Mulready. . . .

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Winston Churchill Honored by the Isle of Man
—January 2, 2015 |  Isle of Man

On January 2, the Isle of Man Post Office commemorated the 50th anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill, in a set of eight stamps that celebrate his life.

This year also marks the 70th anniversary of his final year. To showcase the range of Churchill's life activities from statesman and orator to leisure painter and bricklayer, the Isle of Man Post Office collaborated with the Churchill Archives Centre and Chartwell. Chartwell was a . . .

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Isle of Man Festival of Silk Stamp 2014

Colorful Banners on Colorful Manx Mini-sheet
—October 24, 2014 |  Isle of Man   [Click for Sheet, First Day Cover, Guild Painters]

On October 24, the Isle of Man Post Office released a colorful miniature sheet that was the result of a collaboration between the artists (shown here working on the designs) and The Island of Culture and Manx National Heritage—the organizers of The Celtic Kingdom Festival of Silk 2013 when the Island’s Guild hosted the bi-annual festival.

The design and painting of the town banners were undertaken by seven of the . . .

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IOM Displays Its Dark Skies
—September 1, 2014 |  Isle of Man  

On September 1, the Isle of Man issued a set of stamps highlighting the beauty and clarity of the Manx night skies, which are acknowledged as being some of the best for stargazing in Europe.

Dark Sky status is granted only to sites that have spectacular views of the night sky. The Isle of Man now has a total of 26 such sites, by far the greatest concentration in Europe. They are granted this prestigious status by the . . .

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Isle of Man Playing Card Stamp 2014

Isle of Man Stamps Depict Playing Cards
[Click to see 6 designs, cover]

—August 8, 2014 |  Isle of Man  

On August 8th Isle of Man Stamps and Coins issued a set of six stamps based upon the history of Manx themed playing cards.

The history of playing cards is one of mystery and intrigue. Believed to have originated from China as far back as 1294 they arrived in Southern Europe by the late 1300s, and spread quickly by trade and colonialism where they adapted to different cultures in which they found themselves. It is believed that the core elements of the decks and suits that we have today originated in the . . .

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Isle of Man Marks Tour de France, Start to Finish
[Click to see 6 stamp sheets, Cover]

—July 5, 2014 |  Isle of Man  

With some of the world’s finest cyclists coming from the Isle of Man, and this year’s Tour visiting the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man had good reason to celebrate the 2014 Tour de France with the release of a special edition series of six stamp sheets on July 5th.

Tour de France 2014 returns to the UK for the Grand Depart and this year marks the Tour’s fourth visit to Great Britain since 2007, the year that Manxman Mark Cavendish made his first debut—and since then he has gone on to win 25 stages!

Stage one of the 2,276 mile race will see the riders depart from Leeds on the July 5 and tackle the . . .

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D-Day Stamp Isle of Man, 2014, 70th Anniversary

70th Anniversary of D-Day [Click to see A Manxman's Journey,
A Soldier's Story
, 16 designs D-Day, and First Day Cover]

—May 8, 2014 |  Isle of Man  

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day, Isle of Man Stamps and Coins not only has produced a set of six stamps, but also has created a memorable stamp collection. Produced in support of the Royal British Legion and The Normandy Veterans Association this comprehensive issue was released on May 8th, the anniversary of V-E day, and marks the 6th of June 1944, the day on which D-Day took place.

The allied invasion of the Normandy beaches on that historic day was the largest amphibious assault ever and one of the most heroic, and significant battles of World War II. Known as Operation Overlord, the invasion involved nine army divisions in the initial attack with the support of over 7,000 ships and 11,000 aircraft. More than 75,000 British and Canadian troops, and 57,000 U.S. troops landed on the beaches, with a further 24,000 landing by air. The beaches were known by their . . .

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John McGuinness, 20-time Race Champ Honored by Isle of Man
[Click to see 2 designs, folder, coin]

— April 16, 2014 |  Isle of Man  

On April 16 the Isle of Man Isle celebrated John McGuinness’s birthday. To mountain bike racers, McGuinness is a legend, having won the Isle of Man’s prestigious TT road races a remarkable 20 times.

Known as the “Morecambe Missile,” McGuinness was presented with a cake that resembled the newly released stamp sheet on the occasion of his birthday.

The commemorative stamp sheet features McGuinness in action on two stamps, along with . . .

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Isle of Man Manx Ark Rare Breed Cow Stamp, 2014

The Manx Ark Rare Breeds [Click to see Miniature Sheet, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack]
— April 16, 2014 |  Isle of Man  

On April 16 the Isle of Man also will issue a miniature sheet that showcases the work of the Manx Ark Project and celebrates 100 years of the Southern District Agricultural Society. The sheet presents six paintings of British animals, now considered rare breeds.

The Manx Ark Project protects rare breeds of farm animals for the future and is an initiative that was developed by Isle of Man farm owner Paul Davis in conjunction with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. The Isle of Man is an ideal . . .

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Battle of Clontarf, Isle of Man, Brooir the Warrior Stamp

Battle of Clontarf [Click to see 6 designs, Official First Day Cover]
— April 15, 2014 |  Isle of Man  

On April 15 Isle of Man Stamps and Coins marked the millennium anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf with a set of six stamps, shown here along with the cover of the Presentation Pack.

On Good Friday, April 23, 1014, the forces of high king of Ireland Brian Boru met the Norse controllers of the powerful trading port of Dublin, who had ambitions of extending their influence to the rest of the country. The fiercefighting just outside Dublin left thousands dead, including Brian. The Battle marked a turning point in the history of Ireland, stemming the power of the Norse and Danes.

This commemorative set brings to life the historic events through the dynamic. . .

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Knox Celtic Art [Click to see Stamp Booklet, Mint Set, Presentation Pack]
— April 4, 2014 |  Isle of Man  

On April 4 Isle of Man is issuing a set of stamps to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Archibald Knox.

The internationally renowned Manx artist and designer was a leading exponent of British Celtic revival, a design styleof the early 20th century. Knox is most widely known for his work with silver and pewter designs for Liberty, the London department store that, as a center for fashionable and eclectic design, displayed the works of fashion leaders; however to his Manx contemporaries in the 1910s and 1920s he would have been known better as a . .

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Isle of Man - Royal Air Force Red Arrow stamp issues, 2014

Royal Air Force Red Arrow [Click to see 6 designs]
— February 19, 2014  |  Isle of Man  

On February 19 the Isle of Man issued a set of six stamps honoring the Red Arrows. Acknowledged as one of the world’s premier aerobatic teams, this Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team is the public face of the Royal Air Force. 2014 marks the 50th display season for a Team that thrills and inspires millions of people in the UK and around the world with their aerial displays and flypasts.

The stamps feature photography from a spectacular display that was held over Douglas Bay during the. . .

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Isle of Man - World War 1 Life in the Trenches stamp issues, 2014

World War 1 Life In The Trenches [Click to see set of 6 designs,
Official First Day Cover
, Cover of four-page Presentation Pack, and
Miniature Trench Art Sheet]

— February 19, 2014  |  Isle of Man  

The Isle of Man and The Royal British Legion have joined together to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI with an impressive Trench Warfare issue. Perhaps best known for its yearly Poppy Appeal and Remembrance services, the
Royal British Legion promotes the welfare and interests of current and former members of the British Armed Forces.

Due to be released on February 19, the issue includes a set of six singles, a souvenir sheet and two presentation packs and First Day Covers. It is the first in a . .

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