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2016 Canada Post New Issues Calendar

These are the 2016 new issues as announced thus far by Canada Post. To preorder stamps before the issue date or to purchase them on or after the issue date, click here for the Canada Post website.

New Stamp Issues from previous years: 2015 Canada Post New Issues, 2014 Canada Post New Issues, 2013 Canada Post New Issues.

National Hockey League NHL Phil Esposito stamp, 2016, Canada

Canada Adds to NHL Hockey Stars Series
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— September 23, 2016 | NHL Stars

On September 23 Canada released the fourth set in its five year NHL Stars series, leading up to the NHL’s 100th anniversary in 2017. This Great Canadian Forwards set honors some of the greatest goal-scorers ever to play in the NHL.

The six legends hail from five provinces. As a group, they played in more than 8,300 NHL games and scored more than 3,800 goals and more than 5,700 assists. Between them, they have won 18 Stanley Cup Championships.

Phil Esposito played for the Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins and New York Rangers, scoring 1,590 points in 1,282 regular-season games over an 18-season NHL career. Esposito helped lead the Bruins to two . . .

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Haunted Canada stamps 2016

Canada Completes Eerie "Haunted" Series
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— September 8, 2016 | Haunted Canada

On September 8 Canada Post issued its third and final set in a three year Haunted Canada series that brings regionally renowned ghost stories to a nationwide Canadian audience as well as collectors around the world. The five stamps are employ otherworldly designs in keeping with these eerie tales:

The Dungarvon Whooper—Renous, New Brunswick. Lumberjacks returned from work one day to discover their young cook dead and his money belt missing— apparently the work of the camp boss. The cook was quickly buried as a snowstorm blew in, and in the night, terrifying whoops and wails issued from his shallow grave. The lumberjacks fled in terror, never to return. To this day, Miramichi residents claim . . .

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Canada Brings Back Heritage Sites Designs
— January 11, 2016 | UNESCO World Heritage Sites Stamps

On January 11 Canada Post brought back a set of five Canada UNESCO World Heritage Sites stamps. The full color images featured on these stamps were previously used on U.S.-rate and international-rate stamps released in May, 2014.

From east to west . . .

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