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Boston Tea Party Stamps Above is just a sampling of the many stamps you can collect. The topics are endless . . . ships, magic, art, comics, dragons, cars, monuments, science fiction, horses, and so much more!

Stamp Condition Terminology
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This information will help you understand the abbreviated stamp descriptions used on stamp lists, such as Extra Fine (EF), Extremely Fine (XF), Fine (F), etc. and much more.

Philatelic Terminology
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This lists the terms and expressions of stamp collecting/philately.

What is Stamp Collecting?
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Describes Stamp Collecting, History, Equipment, Acquiring Stamps, Collecting Specialties and more.

Stamp Collecting - Frequently asked questions!

If you are thinking about collecting postage stamps or if you have already started, below are some items that you may or may not already know:

Scott Numbers for Stamps - your key to identifying a specific stamp
"The Scott Catalogue of postage stamps, produces a catalogue of U.S. and foreign stamps listing estimated values for each stamp and identifies each with a Scott Number. Stamp collectors use Scott Numbers to identify specific stamps when buying, selling or trading stamps, and for easy organization of their collections."

The majority of stamps listed on our Stamp Sales pages are listed only by their Scott Numbers and not pictured due to the many stamps available. Hence the need to purchase a Scott Catalogue to identify the stamps you are looking for. You can purchase a Scott Catalogue at Brooklyn Gallery along with the tools for stamp collecting . . . albums, tongs to pick up stamps, and anything else you need to start your stamp collection.

Navigating the Stamp Sales pages on StampNewsNow.com
As you browse our list of U. S. Used Stamps, you will see stamps pictured with a number or a number and a letter. In the example shown to your left the first combination of a number and letter is what is referred to as the Scott Number "C4". This identifies the stamp in a Scott Catalogue. After the Scott Number is the condition of the stamp, "Fine". Light ccl indicates a light color cancel. SCV is the Scott Catalogue value, "$15. If you need a little help with the terminology, click for Stamp Condition Terminology from Wikipedia.

Stamp Purchases - U. S. and Worldwide Stamps
If you are looking to buy stamps, millions of collectors have started with used U.S. Stamps as the easiest and most economical way to begin, build, and learn. You can find hundreds of stamps on our Stamps Sales page, starting from 5ยข each to $200+. Click to go directly to our list of U. S. Used Stamps or click here for our Stamp Sales page for a variety of both U. S. and Worldwide stamps. Most of all have fun and don't be intimidated by the lists of stamps. By purchasing a Scott Catalogue you will be able to see the many stamps listed on our Stamp Sales page all picture perfect.

Postage Stamp Dealer Directory
You can also:

View other collecting areas by clicking on our Stamp Dealer Buy/Sell Directory and/or get in touch with stamp dealers on our Stamp Dealers page.

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