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Welcome to StampNewsNow.com (SNN), where stamp and cover collectors from across the USA and around the world share in this great hobby also known as philately. You can use this website and the following Site Map to uncover stamp information sources, buying and selling opportunities, and news and articles that will enhance your hobby pleasure and profit.

Our history, going back to the first issues of Mekeel's Weekly in 1891 and STAMPS Magazine in 1932, is built on the participation of newcomers to the hobby who went on to philatelic leadership and greatness, including more than a dozen members of the American Philatelic Society Hall of Fame.

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July 17, 2024

USPS Announces Healthcare Community Forever Stamp
The USPS Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) does not select negative subjects for commemoration, so they somehow never did figure out how to salute health care workers who made sacrifices, including those who died helping others (no doubt including members of the CSAC and their relatives), even though scores of nations around the world somehow were able to accomplish what seemed to be a simple feat.

Now, four years later, they have figured it out and will issue a “Thank You” Forever stamp. Per the USPS announcement, the issue was done “In conjunction with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services”, which may indicate it would not have been issued had it been up to the CSAC.
• Click for the complete 2024 USPS program.

Major Summer Stamp Shows
Thanks to air conditioning, there no longer are the summer doldrums during which dealers would close up shop or leave it with skeleton force while they headed for Europe on combination vacations/buying trips–especially in the days when the extremely strong dollar and the need for cash in a recovering Europe made the deals that much sweeter for U.S. dealers. With that, we have news of important major summer shows, including:
CHARPEX, Charlotte, N.C., July 27-28
Northeast Postal History & Ephemera, Albany, N.Y., July 27-28
Great American Stamp Show, Hartford, Conn., August 15-18 
• Click for the complete Stamp Show Calendar.

AFDCS Declares National Cachetmakers Day
American First Day Cover Society president Lloyd A. de Vries has issued a Presidential Proclamation, designating Saturday, August 17, as National Cachetmakers Day. It coincides with the cachetmakers bourse at Great American Stamp Show 2024 in Hartford, Conn. A special postmark will be available at the show. The AFDCS is the largest not-for-profit first day cover society in the world, with members in more than a dozen countries. It publishes an award-winning journal, First Days, six times a year, as well as handbooks, catalogues and You-Tube videos; holds fundraising auctions; is a co-sponsor of the annual Great American Stamp Show, conducts an annual cachetmaking contest; and encourages philatelic exhibiting and writing about FDCs.
• For more information about the AFDCS, visit www.afdcs.org, e-mail afdcs@afdcs.org or write the AFDCS at Post Office Box 27, Greer, SC 29652-0027.

StampNewsOnline (SNO), July Issue
We recently published the online-only July Issue of StampNewsOnline, with the lead article being a reprint of our 2015 three-part series of The Olympics, from 1896 through 1948.

Other articles are:
U. S. Stamp News: American Field Trip: The U.S.S. Constitution—Charlestown, Mass.
Landlocked Country: Burundi (part of an ongoing series)
Yesterday in Mekeel's & Stamps: The Plimpton Envelope Shapes       
Yesterday in Mekeel's & Stamps: Cold War Philately
Rarities: A New Rarities Class Update
Famous Events on Stamps: July Events
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Collecting The History of World War II  

Collecting The History of World War II by John F. Dunn

The History of World War II: Pearl Harbor Attacked! 

In Mekeel’s & STAMPS we are covering the history of World War II.

As we work our way through Bear Rowell’s chronological history of World War II in Mekeel’s & Stamps, I enjoy searching for images to supplement the text. For me, it is a form of collection building. 

With that, it occurred to me that collectors who are interested in history might want to build a History of World War II Collection. If you have such an interest, there are numerous sources for information, but one of the sources to which I turn is igpc.com, the  . . . 

Click here to see our May 6, 2022 coverage of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  

Adult and young collectors . . .Pick your passion for stamp collecting!

Since the world's first postage stamp in 1840, hundreds of thousands of stamps have been issued featuring notable people, places of beauty, and memorable events. Come along for the ride and take this adventure through time with stamps from the U.S. and Worldwide.

On this website you'll get ideas on what you might like to collect, how to organize stamps, how to protect stamps, how to locate stamps, and so much more. So click here to learn how to get started today!

The Civil War and Philately

The Civil War was costly not only in lives but in treasure and required every effort of the civilian population to sustain the armies in the field. This necessity for funds taxed the ingenuity of the Governments, both Federal and Confederate, resulting in a multitude of devices, the mementos of which are so prized today by collectors of postage and revenue stamps, paper money and American generally. One of the fiscal features of the Civil War was an . . .

Continue reading "The Civil War and Philately"

If you enjoyed reading this article also found under Article Archives - U. S. Subjects, this is just a sampling of the great reads you will find in Mekeel's and Stamps Magazine, US Stamp News Magazine and The Best of Stamp New Online!

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